Badih Antar Ghayar, the Venezuelan businessman who tries to erase his dark past from the Internet with lies and deceit to online hosting providers

By Sam Souto

Venezuelan citizen Badih Georges Antar Ghayar has contracted a third-party service, which in a fraudulent and deceitful way, tries to remove from the Internet the truth about Antar Ghayar’s dark past.

It is in this way that web hosting providers have been contacted, to whom they have provided false information, to make illegitimate copyright claims, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) , in force only in the United States of America. America. In the complaints, the claimants claim to represent sites that do not really belong to them or with which they are not related in any way.

This is what happened with sites like and others. In the particular case of , a person who identified himself as Albano Losada and provided an address in Venezuela, filed a copyright claim with an online hosting provider, claiming to represent the site . The address provided was: « Pinto A Santa Rosalia, No. 44, Sta. Rosalía, Caracas, Distrito Capital – Venezuela» .

According to the business directory, it appears registered at the same address : «Zeta Revistas y Diarios en Caracas.»


In addition, Albano Losada , as the claimant said his name was, used the email address in the claim: [email protected] , which differs from the one officially reported on Twitter by .

But in case there are still doubts as to whether it was a legitimate or false claim, the editor of, when consulted, assured that never made such a complaint to any web hosting company.

It is clear that the claim was completely illegitimate and that the sole purpose was to censor information related to Badih Georges Antar Ghayar from the internet , who, according to what is expressed , “ is a famous financial operator in charge of carrying out banking operations for the Venezuelan military. He is someone who has drawn the attention of the American authorities, to the point of starting negotiations for possible cooperation .»

Quién es Badih Antar Ghayar y cómo sus operaciones financieras son relacionadas con figuras representativas de la corrupción en Venezuela

Badih Georges Antar Ghayar, according to documents from labor lawsuits against him in Venezuelan courts , is linked to the companies INVERSIONES IMPEXA, SA and DENSITY INTERNATIONAL, 2024 CA

As part of the campaign that tries to erase his dark past from the Internet, for example, the name of Antar Ghayar appears on the Twitter account @BGhayar , which he claims offers “ find all the information on your favorite #Sport: training, nutrition , supplements and the latest information ”.

Badih Georges Antar Ghayar is listed in the Paradise Papers as a director of the company ZGB LIMITED, registered in the tax haven of Barbados. The Venezuelan holds the same position at the Panamanian firm MASI CORPORATION INC.

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